The Ship – Charter a Catamaran in Ibiza

Charter our boat: CATAMARAN LAGOON 450 in Ibiza

First, and before presenting this impressive boat to you in detail, I’d like to highlight a few considerations that may aid you in making the right choice for your holiday

Why a Catamaran | Why This “LAGOON 450” Model | Equipment | Layout


Why a Catamaran

There are many reasons for rent this kind of boat, the first and most important being comfort. Catamarans sway infinitely less, both while sailing as well as during those memorable hours of mooring in various spots and in coves.

When sailing, monohull boats (conventional sailboat) inevitably heel whereas with catamarans there is no heeling. This translates into sailing that is relaxing, restful and safe. When anchored, the catamaran avoids the usual pendulum effect that is felt on monohull sailboats even when on calm waters.

Another difference to consider for charter a catamaran in Ibiza is space. A catamaran has a beam more than double that of a monohull boat of the same length. Think of it as two boats connected by a bridge deck, with the advantage of being above the waterline, that is, suspended between the hulls, offering magnificent 360º views. In a monohull boat, this space is below deck, which limits both ventilation and views.

Catamarans have a more shallow draught and can therefore go closer to shore than a monohull. This provides access to the best spots when entering a cove, which in turn makes disembarking easier, providing several options including touching bottom and walking to shore.

Safety aboard our vessel is guaranteed, first because having two hulls makes it practically unsinkable, and second because its two engines allow a faster return to port and also act as a backup should one engine fail.

The catamaran’s lack of heeling makes moving about on board very safe and easy. This helps avoid, for those who aren’t used to sailing, any dreaded seasickness, which can ruin what are supposed to be magnificent days of vacation and enjoyment.

Catamarans do not have only advantages however. Detractors of these types of boats claim that purchase prices are three times those of monohulls and maintenance and docking costs are double. This is completely true, however fortunately for you, these expenses are borne by the charter company.


The Ship - Charter a Catamaran in Ibiza

Rental catamaran

Why This “LAGOON 450” model

A key reason is its size: a length of 45’10” and a beam (width) of 25’9’’. With these dimensions, this vessel falls into the luxury boat category. Featuring four guest cabins that are true suites and four complete heads (bathrooms) each with a separate shower stall. The layout of the cabins in the stern and bow provide exceptional privacy, as they are separate one from the other.

Another aspect of this vessel that differentiates it from the rest is the quality of its equipment, making it without a doubt a luxury boat ready for your enjoyment.


Rental catamaran in Ibiza

Rental catamaran in Ibiza

Boat equipment

powerful generator provides unlimited electricity even if we’re in the middle of the sea.

Climate control equipment throughout the boat (cabins and saloon) ensures that cold or hot weather doesn’t ruin what is meant to be a luxury holiday.

The desalinator supplies all needed water, eliminating the need to continuously go into port to replenish reservoirs.

Our catamaran is equipped with a sound system and speakers distributed throughout the boat as well as a speaker equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing you to take your music with you wherever you like.

The Wi-Fi connection for your phone, tablet or laptop, ensures you are always connected.

For going to shore or for visiting small coves, we are equipped with an auxiliary boat that has a powerful engine, providing fast and safe transportation.

For fun in the water, we provide snorkelling equipment in various sizes, an underwater photo and video camera, and for sports enthusiasts a surf paddleboard and a two-person canoe.

If you like fishing, we also have fishing rods that can be used while we are sailing.

Rental catamaran in BVI

Rental catamaran in BVI

Rental catamaran in British Virgin Island

Rental catamaran in British Virgin Island


This boat has five separate areas between which to move around.

The entire space within the hulls is devoted to the cabins and their heads, which are in the lower area.

The saloon, galley and chart table, which are in the elevated area between the hulls, provide 360º views of the sea. Here you will find a large table surrounded by an L-shaped sofa as well as two movable seats. A spacious galley with all appliances needed for living on board, a desk with an electronic display console for planning routes and a variety of other furniture.

A large sliding door located on the same level leads outside to what in nautical terminology is known as the “cockpit”, which is usually where guests spend the most time. Here you will find a large area with deckchairs, a table and comfortable seating. Meals are enjoyed mostly in this area, and though outside, guests are protected from waves, wind and sun.

Next, towards the stern are the swimming area and the auxiliary boat (equipped with a 20 hp outboard engine).

On the same level and towards the bow, is a entertainment and sunbathing area composed of two nets that join the hulls together (water below is visible) as well as a small saloon. All of this is outdoors.

Lastly, the most elevated part of the vessel, accessible from any one of the deck corridors, provides access to the helm station used by the captain and features a large 8-person bench seat and another sundeck with cushions, from where you can enjoy the best views on the entire luxury yacht.


The Ship - Charter a Catamaran in Ibiza

Equipment catamaran

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